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The shirt showcases a dynamic and assertive design with the inscription "THE ALWAYS OPEN COLLECTIVE" in a striking font. At the center is an edgy graphic of a mouth, open and revealing a set of grillz, a detail that adds a contemporary urban twist to the design. The grillz are highlighted in yellow, which draws the eye and underscores the shirt's theme of readiness and openness, reflective of football players' perpetual goal to be available to make plays. The text and design contrast sharply against the black fabric, giving the shirt a bold aesthetic. It features an oversized fit, which is both fashionable and practical, offering comfort and freedom of movement for active individuals. The shirt represents a significant step up in quality compared to previous offerings from the site, indicating a commitment to durability and performance.

The Collective T-Shirt

$40.00 Regular Price
$34.99Sale Price
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